Anna and Elsa OUAT Sneak Peek.

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Allison Argent’s Outfits (6/?)

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Liam at the NRJ Music Awards, Dec 14th

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Why do you hate "After"?(not gonna give you shit for your opinions)


it’s demeaning, the way fans portray after is also disgusting, it’s a fucking abusive relationship thing and it’ DISGUSTING how this het side of the fandom GLORIFIES an abusive relationship. Basically, the whole plot and everything. Honestly, if it’s a fic okay yeah whatever THEN IT SHOULD REMAIN AS A FIC. WHY DO WE NEED IT PUBLISHED?? A MOVIE??? THERE ARE BOUNDARIES!?! and also because we have children in the fandom with brains the size of walnuts. How you think they gonna look at Harry? mhm. there’ll always be that scratch on his reputation aka “hey he was the character they used for that fanfic”


I’m at a point where i am totally over the fact that people think it is okay to hate and constantly bully justin. No matter what the case, he is always a “faggot” “twat” “brat” who needs to be “deported” “killed” “taught a lesson” … It just pisses me off beyond belief that it is now a social norm to hate Justin for no legitimate reason.

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justinbieber: @davidguetta and @khalil


justinbieber: @davidguetta and @khalil

Justin at Amnesia Nightclub - Ibiza, Spain (July 29, 2014)

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This is the girl. She has brain cancer and wants to meet the boys.

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